How can you say YES if you can’t say NO at your maximum?

Think positive, did you hear about “The Secret”? The movie is almost like a spam

Everybody teach us how to think positive, how important is to be optimistic, but in the last period of time it seems that this “positive movement” lost  its true meaning.

But how can you be fully positive, when you don’t know how to be fully negative?

If you don’t know your limits you don’t  know how to live your way at maximum strength.

Try to find what are your limits in NO.

I suggest you the next exercise to improve your YES thinking:

For almost a week try to find out how higher you can go with NO. Before going to bed, make a black atmosphere in your room and try to think only NEGATIVE: try to have only negative thoughts, if you feel you want to screem, screem. If you feel you want to cry, cry. If you want to hit something, just hit it!  You’ll see that is very hard to think negative even for just an hour.

After this everyday exercise try for a few minutes to think positive. You’ll have a surprise!

After this exercise you’ll appreciate better the value of YES in your life, and a great happiness will come to you and will fill your body.

So, the biggest mistake that we do is that we don’t live our lives to our biggest capacity. Because it is shame, because  we don’t want to hurt somebody else, etc. If you’ll know you better, will see that your fears are only a delusion.

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