Are you here, right now?

Since I was a little girl I had this question: “Did you ever felt you’re alive?” And the answer always was the same: “When I was on the mountains, up there, on the peak, just admiring the view.” I guess everybody was on Caraiman Peak and saw that masterpiece (Bucegi Carpathians). The name of the mountaines doesn’t have any importance.

But I was very wrong: doesn’t matter the view, just the action that you complete. So is not important where are you, the most important thing is that you take a break between your thoughts. When you’re admiring something you don’t think. Your mind stops.

The actions which takes your breath away from thoughts are: fear, admiring, pay attention to something.

So, try to listen and feel your breaths for 20 minutes and you’ll see how this exercise will change your life.

Pay attention and try to count your breaths from one to ten, only the inspirations. Don’t count the expirations.

After 5 minutes of counting ascending, try to count descending from ten to one.

This meditation will makes you feel more alive 🙂

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