How is your heart? Can you share it with others?

I want to share with you a beautiful  story about heart.

“One day a young man was standing in the middle of a big city and began to tell pedestrians that he has the most beautiful heart in the neighborhood. Not very long time after, around him gathered a large crowd of people and everyone admired the heart that was really perfect. On his heart you couldn’t see any sign of tears, no cracks. Yes, everyone agreed it was the most beautiful heart they had ever seen. The young man was very proud of his heart.
Suddenly, in the crowd, appeared an old man. The peacefull voice said like talkning to himself:
– Yet, the perfection of his heart doesn’t compare with the beauty of my heart …
People in the crowd turned toward the old heart. Even the young man with that perfect heart was curious to see who dared to compare himself to his heart. There was a strong heart, whose beats are heard far far away. But it was full of scars, it had places where pieces of it had been replaced by others that just totally did not fit the lines between foreign and new ones. The heart pieces are old tortuous, even rough in places. Moreover, from place to place are missing pieces of the whole heart, even wide open wounds that still bleed.
– How can you say he has a beautiful heart, ” whispered the amazed people.
The young boy, after carefully examination of the heart of the old man looked up and said, laughing:
– Must be joking, old man! Look at my heart – it is perfect!Yours is all one wound, only tears and pain!
– Yes, said the old man. Your heart looks perfect, but I never change my heart with your heart. You see, every scar on my heart is a person whom I gave my love – broke a piece of my heart and gave to the man sitting next to me, which in turn often gives me a piece of his heart, which fits the empty place in my heart. But because the pieces are measured in millimeters, can remain rough edges, which I treasure very much because I remember the love I shared with my love ones. Sometimes I offered pieces of my heart for people that haven’t give me nothing in return, not even a piece of their heart. These are open wounds in my heart, black holes …

The ones you love always involves some risks. And although these wounds still bleed and hurt me, but they remind me of the love I have even for these people, and, who knows, that might someday come back to me and fill my holes with pieces of their hearts. You understand now, my dear, the true beauty of the heart? concluded the old man.
The young man remained in silence apart, with his face in tears. Then he slowly approached to the old man, tored a piece of his perfect heart and spread it with trembling hands. The old man got the young piece of the beautiful heart and put it in his heart. He also broked a piece of his heart crossed with scars and offered to the boy. It fits, but not perfectly, the edges were pretty rough.
The young man looked at his new heart, it was not perfect, but it was more beautiful than ever right now because, his heart beats with love of the old man. The two men hugged, smiled and started to walk toghether.
How sad would that be to live a life with a full heart in your chest! A perfect heart, but devoid of beauty …
How is your heart? Can you share it with others? “

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