7 ways to Reclaim your Power

  1. Avoid casting blame on an external force for your own feelings about life. Nothing outside yourself can control your thinking or your actions.

  2. Avoid blaming yourself for not being in control. You are doing the best you can and you are in the way to reclaim your power.

  3. Be aware of when and where you are playing the victim role. Learn the clues that tell you that are not being responsible for what you are being, having, doing or feeling.

  4. Familirize yourself with your biggest enemy-your Chatterbox. Do exercise to replace it with loving internal friend.

  5. Figure out the payoffs that keep you “stuck”. Paradoxically, once you find them, you will probably be able quickly to become unstuck”.

  6. Determine what you want in life and act on it. Stop waiting for someone to five it to you. You’ll be waiting too long.

  7. Be aware of the many choices you have-in both actions and feelings-in any situation that comes your way. Choose the path that contributes to your growth and makes you feel at peace with yourself and others.

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