From goal to action

The king had a vacancy to his kingdom, a very big and important job. So, a lot of people strong and wise gathered around him to see what it’s all about. 

“You are some wise people” said the King. “I have a
problem and I want to see which one of you is able to solve it.”

He led the people to a huge door  and explained to them:

“Here we see the biggest and strongest door from my kigdom.Which one of you can open it?”

A lot of people watched and studied the door, some of them even measured it. But a lot of people who have seen the door closer, admitted that is impossible.

In one day, a little boy went to the door, watched, touched it and tried in many ways to open. After a lot of attempts, he finally opened the door. Just a shot and the door was opened.

The king said to him:

“You won the most important job in my kingdom, because for you, didn’t matter what you saw and heard, you had the courage to risk a shot”

So, no matter what other people say, the most important thing is to take action in our lives in order to reach our goals. As Susan Jeffers said in her book “Feel the fear and do it anyway”. The best way to minimize our fears is to make the first step.

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