If you succeed, don’t tie yourself by others failures!

The indian sage Patanjali, said that: “Undisturbed calmness of mind is attained by cultivating friendliness toward those who are happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in those who are honorable, and indifference toward the dishonorable”.

I know it’s an ideal this because usually we don’t act like this way. Usually when we meet someone who is happy in his way of life, we are inclined to envy him and be jealous of his success.  

When you see a good man, think of emulating him; when you see a bad man, examin your own heart.” Confucius

Why when someone succeed in his life instead to appreciate that person, we start to envy him? Because pride appears in our lives.

Why weaken people look with contempt and arrogance the fatties, and why the people who gave up smoking  twist their nose disdainfully if somebody else is still drowened in its vice?

Our own successes are not the reason for us to swell with pride. Our personal growth is for the sake of others, to inspire and help others.

The objective of our own success is not pride, it is love and abnegation.

The road towards love narrows when we look others from the height of  the eagles. The kindness of the heart drys on the stalks of contempt, hate and arrogance.

Help your soul to be ready to receive its success with modesty and grace of a flower, because our eyes are not the image of our pride and arrogance, they don’t represent contempt, they express your soul and love

All you succeed is designed to bring energy back to those who struggle yet, and still suffer in sin.

If you succeed in life, don’t tie yourself to another person failures.

Your success is your energy of love and your ability to accept life.


Lose weight, enjoy it and shut-up!

Give up smoking and enjoy the silence!

Clean your yard and let the neighbour’s garbage in his own yard!

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