Checklist to boost your mood

Feeling down? instead of waiting for something to change, take a stand for your life and mood as well!

Here is my checklist of 10 ways to lift your spirit:

1. Sleep

– try to sleap between 6-8 hours a day.

2. Water

– 1 glass of water every 2 hours. Hydration is very important for the body.

3.  Eat green salad everyday

– combined with drinking plenty of water will mentain your good energy level.

4. Exercise

-takes your toxines out, generates more oxygen for your brain and blood. If your blood has plenty of oxygen, your level of energy is higher.

5. Control your mental space

– Be aware about your thoughts, try to train your mind to have more positive thoughts.  Take care about your social environment, try to be surrounded by confident and positive people. Think as you already achieved your goals.

6. Meditation

– If your mind doesn’t digest easily this concept, try to think about it as a focus management. Try to manage your focus between 10-20 minute a day. Stay in silent and allow yourself to think. This exercise makes you feel more relaxed, feel more in control and empowered to influence your life.

7. Read

– If you’ll read positive and constructive materials on a daily basis you’ll feed your mind with energy and motivation and will help you organize your mental space.

8. Posture

– Having the right shape, increases your life energy to flow in the right way, gives you confidence. Take care about the way you speak too, it is like a mirror effect. All the words come back into reality. So if you’ll use positve words, everything comes back and you’ll start already to feel like you’re talking.

9. Positive environment

– Walls, computer, try to be surrounded with positive quotes, mottos, images, listen good music, emotional triggers for a positive mood.

10. Do something for the sake of good

– Do something outside your immediate circle family and friends, thing about others, do something for them. Consider this action as another opportunity to boost your mood and to contribute to the world.

Print your checklist and put it in a place where you can see it everyday.

Create now your best day!

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