Five steps to achieve a goal

We all have goals, we all want to be better than we are now, to have success. For some people success is having the dream job or having the dream family, or the  dream house. Whatever our goals are, somehow we stop in our way to achieve them.

Everything starts from the way is defined the goal and the perspective we have about our journey towards it. Sometimes we get demotivated by only thinking about the goals and how nice would be to have it achieved without taking any steps or action.

“HOW DO YOU EAT AN ELEPHANT?” -Piece by piece, is the right answer. So everything starts with this thought:

“it will be a long journey, with a lot of learnings. Today I make the very first step.”


Know what you want, why you want it, make sure your desired outcome is “ecological£ – good for you and for the people you care about in the widest possible sense.

Often people are not sure of what they want. If you’ll tell to a taxi driver to take you to the “I don’t know” destination he will not know where to go. Is the same thing with our goals. If we are not clear about what we want, we and universe can’t know where to place the energy in order to help us to achieve our objectives.

The best way to discover this are to find what is really working well in the area that you want to change, to elicit your values for that context.


take action to make your outcome happen-nothing is going to happen unless you do something! The results you get, whatever they are, will provide you with useful additional information to learn from. There is nothing bad or good in our way, just learning. Take everything as an experiment and move on from one step to another.


we don’t grow without awareness or sensory acuity. Notice the results you get from your actions. Are your actions taking you closer, or further away, from your goal? Consider knock-on and delayed effects as the obvious, immediate ones.


if that you have been doing isn’t working, do something else. If you don’t know what else to do, do anything else and go on changing your behaviour until you find what works. But be flexible in changing the behaviour. Don’t expect to have different results by doing the same things. Be creative with your action plan.


Act and think as if you achieved your goal

Mind and body are one system. Your breathing, posture and general physical state affect your thoughts and emotions and backwards. Emotion means first MOTION. If you change your body you change your feelings. Get into the best possible state-physically, emotionally, mentally-and take action.

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