Return to Innocence

Belfast Coaching Support Group invites you to “RETURN TO INNOCENCE”
When: Friday, 11 May, 8.15 pm – 10.00 pm
Location: Blick Studious, 51 Malone Road, Belfast

Explore inner child psychology….

  • What does it mean to have an “inner” child ?
  • Do we all have one ?
  • How did psychologists come up with such an idea…
  • How can we relate to our inner child and how can this improve our relationship to ourselves and others?
  • Can we change what happened back in childhood ?
  • Is it possible to heal past hurts, overcome present fears and to re-connect with our inner child and become whole again – just like we were when we really were a child – both on the inside and outside ?
  • What would happen if we did…?


Relaxed and informative evening where there was an atmosphere of sharing ideas. Interesting to meet people whose life experience is so different from mine.Alan, Belfast

What an amazing evening thoroughly enjoyed it! I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to expect but as soon as I got there I felt at ease: relaxed and everything was calm…not what I’m used to in everyday life! It was interesting and it made me undersdtand a whole lot more about myself and the people I share my life.Lisa, Belfast


Our Vision: BE – GROW – SHARE

INVESTMENT – £5 per person; £3 for student / unemployed

Come along, meet real people, make new friends, share and learn how life works best !


Organised by the Belfast Coaching Support Group team:

Laura Gabriela Mocanu – Potential Booster and Vision Manifestation Coach ( )

Andrew Brown – Life Coach, motivational tutor and group facilitator ( )

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