How to deal with unpleasant people

How many times did you really meet people that you don’t like at all without any reason?

I guess that a lot times, but what shall we do next?

Here is the plan I came up recently:

1. First of all, think big! Don’t forget that even you are sometimes mean with others.

2. ADMIT IT! You can’t change people! You can change only the way you react to them.  You can’t stand yourself? Relax a bit….

3. Unpleasant people, rarely behave like that because they have something against you. Most of the times, they have reasons to transmit negative energies.

4. Be tolerant with these people. They simply can’t help it to be unpleasant. The majority of them, have specialized for years in this type of behaviour.

5. Show more understanding. Maybe this people just have a bad day. You must realize that this is the real problem or if their attitude is constantly unpleasant.

6. Don’t let them ruin your day.

7. Behave nice. Yes, you’ve read correctly. They really don’t like this type of behaviour so, they will give up eventually.

8. Be aware that the majority of these people are not really mean people, they have just an unpleasant behaviour. React accordingly when they are mean with you, but give them a chance though.

Now, write down now a list of all the advantages of learning how to  deal efficiently with unpleasant people and why is this important for you:






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