10 ways to deal with procrastination

1.Challenge self-defeating perfectionistic beliefs because they slow you down.  Use realistic statements to help  your perspective (“Doing something is better than nothing”, or “Things get done one step at a time”).
2.Just start!  Action leads to action … Pick anything and do it!
3.Get something or anything down on paper when beginning a task.  Editing comes later!  Try writing quickly so the “inner-critic” can’t interfere.
4.Jot down distracting thoughts.  Don’t try to continue concentrating when distracted.  Set aside time to focus on these concerns after getting something done.
5.Ask yourself, “If I can only get one thing done today, what would it be?”
6.Be assertive and set limits on distractions from friends.  Reduce interruptions of phone, email, MSN, or having an open door.
7.Work in your “high energy” time of day.  Do you know how to use your circadian rhythm?
8.Identify what energizes and motivates you into action (music, calling a friend, getting organized, going for a run, studying in a variety of different places) and combine this with trying to work.
9.Don’t keep doing the same ineffective things.  What have you tried in the past?  What helped and didn’t help?
10.Note where you are starting from and set small, realistic goals (SMART) from there.  Chunk large projects and tasks into very small 15 minute pieces of work and just do the next step.

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