Defend your limitations and you’re going to maintain them

Defend your limitations and you’ll maintain them in your life

The Original Sin that a person can do in his life is:  SELF LIMITATION.

How many times did you hear lines like “This is the way I am” or “I can’t do this” “He is so lucky”, etc.

From where are these statements coming from? One way is that we create excuses in order to make us feel comfortable with the way we are right now.

Creating limited beliefs is a way of protection. The problem is that we put at the same level the way we participate to one life experience with the sense of self-worth and identity. They are not equal!! Sometimes, the learning from it, is more important than the experience itself.

Yes, the fear of uncertainty is huge and can make us frozen in front of the future. So, we create beliefs which limit us to achieve and to expand our potential. Isaac Asimov said that the only constant in our lives is CHANGE. Yes, change is part of our lives either we want to accept it or not. We change everyday, we live in a changing world and we change everything around us. We create small worlds around us either we want to take the responsibility of it or not or to be aware of that.

The fear of change, fear or attachment, fear of separation, fear of success or failure can become a burden that we have to carry everywhere and might limit us.

So what is the secret ingredient which gives us hope and desire to expand our potential? CURIOSITY and love for life might be an answer. If we live our lives dictated by love, we live each experience with maximum intensity and then the consequence of the experience is neither good or bad, just IS, without judgement.

There is no heaven or hell, just endless worlds until we’ll find the way out.

Everything starts with our mindset: fixed mindset or growth mindset. If you have your mind set on limitations, your curiosity is transformed in fear, change is replaced by comfort of the present and finally the joy of life is replaced with contentment and limited beliefs: THIS IS THE WAY I AM.

Think about your limitations and you will limit your potential!

So, what shall I do in order to become more than what I am now?

1. Analyse the way you perceive the learning process in your life! Are you afraid to learn new things? Does is it take a lot of effort for you? Are you enthusiastic about learning a new skill or apprehensive? Do you see the past experiences from your life as a way to define yourself or as a learning tool? If you realize that you have a fixed mindset, make the first step in order to change it. Learn a new skill and put it in practice. See what happens!

As a matter of fact is that we can change our mindset into a growth model. Wherever you put your focus on you’ll succeed, because  the love for life allows freedom and freedom allows power and commitment to achieve your dreams.

2. CHALLENGE your own limitations!

Achievement of dreams requires the power of Will, Determination, Focus, Unlimited Belief, and Certainty of success amongst other attributes.  The most important resource that you can use in your growth is to BELIEVE that you are worthy and deserve to successfully realize your Dream.  Unless you get rid of any doubts and self-limitations these will serve you as a barrier that will keep your hidden power locked away in the dark recesses of your subconscious.

Only if you change your disempowering behaviour, habits and fixed mindset and nurture a healthy growth mindset you’ll become more than you are and you were, otherwise you will remain chained to the same old routine that may be holding you back.

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