You are fundamentally creative!

                      We are by our nature, fully creative.

How powerful is this thought make you feel?

                      Yes, we create in every moment of our lives.

How do you express your creativity?

The most potent creative act is the story you tell to yourself, about yourself  and about the world in general.  The way you interpret the reality is only yours. Nobody can take that from you. The colors and the tools you use, are a part of your choice system.

We all create, every second of our lives is created and interpreted, we build our small world, we create our stories that we repeat over and over again in our heads.Stories about experiences, happenings, people, world in general.  But, so many times we are using this creativity in our detriment instead of working in our favor.

How do you use this tool on your benefit, in a constructive way? How can you make this work for you instead of working against you?

Use your imagination every moment to shape your world and make it beautiful.

Build every day as if it would be a different small life and so you’ll have the chance everyday to start over and over again, to improve your work, to create your own masterpieces. You have the power, imagination and the right tools.

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