Just a moment..


I just read a beautiful story which I’d like to share it with you.

A man just died. He saw God coming towards him, with a suitcase in his hands, talking to him:

God: “My son, it’s time to go now!”

The man asked God: “Why so soon? I had so many plans…”

God: I’m so sorry my son, …but now is the moment of your leaving.

Man: But what do you have in your suitcase?

God: What belonged to you.

Man: What belonged to me? What are you saying? My clothes, my money, everything is in a small suitcase??

God: So sorry, my son but the material things you had, never belonged to you. They belonged to the Earth.

Man: Then, my memories?

God: Sorry son, but these memories belonged to the precious time. Never belonged to you.

Man: Then, my talents?

God: Sorry but the circumstances had them.

Man: Then, my friends, the members of my family? They were mine…

God: Sorry, but your friends and family belonged to your life journey.

Man: What about my wife and children?

God: No, they belong to your heart.

Man: My body?

God: Your body is dust, belongs to the ground.

Man: My soul?

God: Sorry my son, but your soul belongs to ME.

Very angry and frustrated, the MAN grabbed the suitcase and opened it. It was empty. With tears in his eyes, the MAN asked GOD: “What do YOU mean? I never had anything?”

God: No way, my son. Every moment you lived, it was yours and ONLY yours….

So, life is just a MOMENT. A moment, which is yours and only yours. Enjoy it to the full and don’t let anything material, anything you think it belongs to you to STOP you feeling alive!

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