Navigating life

navigatingI love metaphors and associations, don’t you?

I love thinking about myself that I’m an artist, is so empowering! We’re all artists in life, isn’t it?

We all create our days, the shape of our relationships, our jobs, each every moment is created by US.

The way we put our souls into the process of creation depends only on us. How many colors we use, how bright they are, what type of words we use, only we decide, nobody else. I love seeing life as an empty canvas, where I can draw whatever crosses my mind or my soul. Whenever I follow my heart in the process of creation, I am in, what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls, the FLOW.

When I’m in the flow, I can fly, navigate in the realm of dreams and unrevealed passions. 

And yes, navigating life is art. But deciding what type of artist you are, is something else. The unique moment when you shape your identity, when you decide what type of artist you are is set in UNCERTAIN TIMES.

Certainty doesn’t define you, but CHANGE or uncertainty do define you.

So, what type of artist you are becomes visible in uncertain times, like nowadays, when all you have to fall back on is your craft and skill in artful living.

Knowing and respecting your weaknesses as well as your strengths, guides you towards the NEW YOU.

So, take good care of yourself, because, when things are moving fast, with lots of storms and currents, you are the only one who CAN!

And take advantage of the quiet times, to continue growing yourself.  

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