Fear of attachment and procrastination

What’s mine is yours -So, what is left for ME? 
83cc6bfc857532b6_couple-holding-hands.xlargeImagine this: You stop procrastinating and actually finished doing something. What’s next? You’d have then the pleasure of taking the credit for your accomplishment, right? 

Well, not always. Some procrastinators worry that at the end of their hard work and effort, someone else will take that away from them.  So, their identity will be some stolen and they build a belief and act upon it: 

“If I’m not going to get the credit, why bother to make the effort at all?”

We all experienced situations like this, at work or during our free time. You may work for a boss who gets ideas from his employees but submits them to his supervisors as if they were his own. Or someone tells people your joke and act if it’s an original. 

So, there are many situations like this in life and we might feel upset, angry and we can reinforce our behaviour of procrastination, just because we don’t face our fears maybe or change our beliefs, or simply by being more assertive at work, private life, etc.

My brother in law always told me “Laura, don’t share all your ideas because people take the credit for those!” I never agreed with this, even if many times happened that my manager to submit my work under her own signature or other examples. But life is about sharing isn’t it? It’s not about a battle, between me and you, or someone else, it’s a competition.

My opinion is that attachment should be towards other people not ideas, because we human beings and all we have is relationships, qualitative relationships.

By keeping everything for your own enjoyment, just because you’d not like to share the pleasure of your accomplishments, it means that you DON’T LET YOURSELF PROGRESS.

If you continue to keep this ideas for yourself, maybe it’s time for you to check up you dreams, desires, maybe you go in life, in the shadow of you true desires.

Ask yourself: what’s more important for me, to progress and share or to stagnate, playing small because of my limitations of my own fears?


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