BizCamp – Stop Procrastinating, start succeeding


SAMSUNGGerry Faloona – Co-Founder Heaven’s Kitchen

On Monday, 8th April I participated to my first BizCamp in Belfast. The experience was wonderful, the expectations exceeded and I met new wonderful people with whom hopefully I’ll develop new projects.

Because I enjoyed so much this event, I felt to share my enthusiasm with you.

One of the speakers and topics which got my attention was Gerry Faloona: great public speaking skills and  valuable information shared with the audience.

Procrastination is a very interesting topic which had my attention for a long time and my energy. Right now, I’m committed to change and I invest energy and effort in this change by organizing workshops, group coaching sessions and researching.

The approach of Gerry was related to mindset, self-esteem, resilience.

Tips to deal with procrastination:

1. growth mindset, effort praised instead of result

How many times do we judge someone’s failures or success only by the outcomes? The right question    is “What they have done to get to those results?”  Did they put effort or just taken for granted? Use questions to empower you before procrastinating: Is there something else I can do NOW? Do I do everything I can to get this task done or do I just give up?

2. Are you surrounded by “vacuums” or “radiators”?

Yes, people around us define us in someway. Have a look to your network and check out what type of people you meet and have around you. Do these relationships empower you, make you grow and lift your mood or they absorb your energy?

What type of personality do you have: are you a vacuum or radiator?

3. What types of books do you read? 

4. How do you react when things don’t go the way you want: Do you give up or bounce back? What’s your inner voice saying? Are you thinking positive thoughts to motivate you to continue your journey?

The answer: When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going” or “Things don’t go wrong to break you, they go wrong to MAKE YOU!”

When you experience a challenge, is the moment you can be creative, to use you resilience skills, to learn from the experience and let it go. The way we interpret our challenges, defines the attitude we’ll have in the future towards it and our self-esteem.

5. Remember that you’re brilliant! 

It’s amazing how often we forget how brilliant we are and let our inner voice to drain our energy.

Exercise: Write on a sheet of paper 33 things that make you brilliant

6. Doesn’t matter how high are your standards, produce something!! Before perfection, create production!



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