The International Children’s Day: Curiosity. Happiness.. Innocence.Love.Dwell in the PRESENT

401772_460578804024936_439085402_nToday is The International Day of Children:The eyes of WONDER

An occasion to remind yourself that your are a child, prepared to be happy, full of joy, happiness, wonder and laughter.( 

How was life when you were a child? How did you see the world? Do you still keep alive those treasures?

I remember how I felt when I was a kid: I used to see the world with the eyes of wonder, to feel awe and to be curious about everything what the world wanted to reveal for me. I loved being surprised by life with all its mysteries. I liked going in the life’s adventure with my learning mind and open heart. 

When you are young, life offers only beauty and joy. Somehow, as we grow up, we forget about this and we grow apart from our inner child. We worry too much, we create limits, we narrow our perspective and forget sometimes to smile, to access that world of wonder.

So, what is the door to the realm of beauty and laughter?

INNOCENCE. Living in the moment, without conclusions, to function from the state of “not knowing”, without a past, any burdens, any concerns or predictions. 

Today remind yourself to experience life and let go the knowledge!

Return to innocence:

1. HEAR with your ears without translations

2. SEE with your eyes and let go interpreting.

3. DWELL in the present and let its freshness to surprise you

4. Be SIMPLE and let go your ego for a while.

5. Experience life with your heart, not your head. 


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