Sleep deprivation and procrastination



People suffering from sleep deprivation are more likely to become preys of impulses

  • 110323105211-largeScientists have discovered that the part of the brain that rules self-control is affected by a lack of sleep
  • The pre-frontal cortex region of the brain affects self-control, and is powered by glucose
  • A lack of shut-eye exhausts glucose in the pre-frontal cortex, whereas sleep restores it.

Benefits of a good sleep

While we are sleeping, the body is resting and refuelling, its building blocks of health and restoration starts to work. The blood pressure drops, heartbeat and metabolism slow down. This enables the body’s cells to repair themselves and our body creates new cells in every one of its systems.

Bad sleeping patterns

Poor sleep weakens immune system but also affects our decision making system. With a lack of sleep, we make decisions with our limbic system (responsible with impulses). 

The functioning of the frontal part of the brain, the neo-cortex, responsible with reality simulation (future predictions, past interpretations) is diminished.

Sleep deprivation affects our SELF-CONTROL in front of temptations. In this case, we “don’t think properly”, we become more sensitive in front of temptations, our perceptions of the reality are also affected.

This proximity to temptations enables us to make bad buying decisions, to stop dieting, to lack focus and determination at work, to interrupt our “flow” in our tasks, to cheat partners and ultimately to procrastinate.

As we already know, procrastination is fueled by weakness in the face of impulse and a failure to think about thinking.

Our choices between “should” and “want” become a struggle when we lack sleep. As the “want” never goes away, we are more inclined to take the “now” as a reward than to wait for the future, the new “you”. Later, becomes an weird place where anything can go wrong so we give way to every temptation which appears. 

Some tips to help you sleep

– If you are watching TV, switch it off at least 20 minutes before going to sleep. The same thing, if you are reading.

– Drink a chamomile/linen tree tea before and avoid caffeine drinks.

Have a good sleep!



One thought on “Sleep deprivation and procrastination

  1. Drinking “St Johns’s worth” tea is also a very good recommendation – although before using it, it’s good to check if it doesn’t interfere with some medication the patient is already taking.
    Also, a very important recommendation a doctor gave me: “never, absolutelly never, lay horizontally less than 1 hour after you ate”.

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