Feeling secure in an uncertain world

why-you-should-embrace-change-in-internet-marketingFeeling safe in a changing world is a challenge for everybody especially in nowadays.

But where shall we seek for safety?

There are two options:

A. To seek safety in our surroundings, in our external world 

Not recommended because whenever our landmarks are crashed, our world becomes crashed and is harder to rebuild it no matter which are our benchmarks ( job, family, friendships, relationships). What happens when you rely your certainty externally?

~ You lag adventure, excitement

~ You think that this world is out of risk or vulnerability which is a misconception

The truth is: The world is insecure!!! Nothing is constant and by tending to stick with what is familiar stops you from growing or becoming better.  This is only another way of developing a fixed mindset which is powerlessness.

B. To seek safety internally, by developing empowering beliefs about change

This the case when we accept that nothing is constant, when we know that familiarity can be helpful or unhelpful. Vulnerability and risk cannot be moved from our lives completely. Our fears need to be faced.

Useful beliefs to develop/accept about risks:

1. there is a risk attached in everything we do

2. We have to accept that risk is part of everyday life

3. We cannot control all risks

4. We CAN control SOME risks

Wise tips about dealing with worries: 

a) I may suffer of illness (usually cancer in nowadays)

  • if it happens, worrying about it makes things worse so it is better to deal with it if it will be the case, to seek help and support.

b) I am worried about losing things important to me 

The truth is that nothing lasts forever. Life and people are meant to flux. Enjoy the journey!

c) My partner may leave me for someone else

Enjoy the time spent together, in that case is less likely to happen. Worrying about it transforms you in a grumpy person ( would you like someone like that?) and also narrows your creative ways to deal with it, if it happens.

INSIGHT: Feeling insecure from time to time is normal for everybody, so expect it, accept it and take care of it by dealing with your fears.

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One thought on “Feeling secure in an uncertain world

  1. Usually people fear most, I think, death, violence and humiliation – all will happen in one way or the other. But most mistakes are made not by our reaction to actual dangers, but by our reaction to our own fears.

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