Self-image, self-belief, self-worth

self imageWhen we were born, we we were delighted to explore our bodies, part by part: our eyes, hands, nose, mouth, smile, smile, etc. We were observing our development everyday, without judgments, with a simple owe about how amazing we are. 

And so, every day we developed a MAP,  a map about who we are, about what we are, about what we can do or not, which are our dreams, our goals, what we hate. We created in time a map of us. This map about us, became our rules that we used to translate the world around us or to transcript it in our own language. 

The map of us is nothing else than our SELF-IMAGE, SELF-BELIEF. Sometimes we update the information contained by the map, by changing our self beliefs or we just let it the same, without checking it.

_59393742_titanicbelfast_2679copyBut, THE MAP OF BELFAST IS THE BELFAST ITSELF?

Of course NOT. We are more than our thinking about ourselves. We are more than we actually think we are. 

The more we go “in the unknown” about us, the more we can surprised about parts of ourselves that we didn’t know before: new streets, new pubs, new arts galleries, new gardens, new museums, etc.

Check now what you THINK about yourself and see how out-of-date is the map about yourself!

On Tuesday, we will explore how we can adapt to change. To join us, click here:

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