Who am I and how many?

download (1)WHO AM I?

We have many ways to complete the sentence: “I AM……” ( what 5 answers might you give?). Our answers are a glimpse of our self- concept.

Self-concept = what we know and believe about ourselves.

These beliefs about self, organize and guide the processing of the relevant information. Our beliefs about ourselves are like mental templates by which we organize our worlds. The way we perceive ourselves either as smart, stupid, overweight or nervous, powerfully affect how we perceive, remember and evaluate other people and ourselves. 

Example: If you perceive yourself as athletic, then you will notice easier these skills in others or the lack of it. Is a shortcut that your mind does in order to compare yourself and to build your self-concept. 

Our self-concepts include not only the beliefs about who we are but also the beliefs about who we might become -possible selves. 

NOTE: our possible selves are nothing else than our visions of the self we dream of becoming – the rich self, the thin self, the loving self, etc. They also include the self we fear of becoming – the the unloved self, the academically failed self, the overweight self, etc. 

Such possible selves motivate us with a vision of the life we long for or to avoid the one we dread. 


1. Check-in the beliefs you have about yourself and see how these beliefs empower you to become the vision about yourself

2. Tune-in with yourself and clarify the beliefs of the self you want to become. What do you want to avoid? 

Stay close, next month we’ll have an workshop about social confidence.


                                 ~Keep exploring~Connect with others~Share your discoveries

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