TEDxBelfast October 2013

1399988_657170477650242_150563770_oI just been to another great event TEDx. I was eager to share with your my experience.

These 10 speakers changed today the world with their courage, ideas and enthusiasm for their work here in Belfast. Congratulations and feel free to contact them for any help or advice, I’m sure that they will support you.

The first speaker was Charo Lanao Madden

1392390_657181517649138_2052275641_oIt was one of my favorite talks.

She talked about gaining new positive perspectives in different situations in life, no matter how difficult are the circumstances.

Some of the highlights of her talk, speaking about human connection and interdependence:

“Make a difference between “I am here with you” and “I am here, as a part of you”.

Lisa McElherron

1404388_657184654315491_752112319_o “In praise for dissidents”

A lovely talk about all the people who changed the world with their ideas and projects. From Ghandi to Einstein, all put their stamp on the world we experience today.




Dave Thomson – “Running in barefoot”

1404126_657239800976643_696545437_oA great experience about running without shoes. How do we adapt and how the whole process of running is changed. Which are the new emotions that can be experienced and new sensations. Look for his talk on Ted.com!




Andrew Bolster – FarcetLabs


A great project for teenagers and all of those who need IT confidence and public speaking. Great ideas shared such as: “How I learned to stop worrying and accept emergence”

His project FarcetLabs is brilliant, it involves lots of students and a great team. Congratulations!



Christine Burnett – “Girls can change the world”

1387543_657249067642383_1221019489_oAn ex-teacher who took a stand for the education of the hindu girls. Great talk and impressive project.





Leon McCarron – “How to be an adventurer”

1402558_657273507639939_1421088334_oAnd that was an inspirational talk. Very well presented and the message: BRILLIANT!

Leon talked about courage in real life, the courage to follow your dreams and start something new that nobody tried, something that can’t be postponed, something that can be done once in a life time:Living the adventure!

He traveled around the world and walked along the Big Wall, with a willingness to try new things, to risk the comfort of the present for adventure.

Tony Gallagher – “Shared education and why is it important”

1402702_657344630966160_2071572292_oGreat talk about change. An important part of the change process is education. He fights for a shared society, not a divided one. Good perspective and a great project.





Mark Woodman and Anne McMurray

1399963_657343850966238_1340879636_o 1402584_657343380966285_79082978_o








Steve Moore – “What’s yours”

1387673_657343060966317_1709999461_oA project about dreams, about ambition and commitment to follow the dreams. Is about all those new year resolutions that we don’t achieve, all those dreams that we keep on hold.

Take a stand for your yourself and take action to become better!

Define your dream and make it happen. I can’t wait to support this project:)


See you soon!

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