It is very much easier to be tragic than to be comic

art-gallery-art-painting-566-2It is very much easier to be tragic than to be comic

Pessimism is a very easy way out when you’re considering what life really is, because pessimism is a SHORT VIEW of life.

If you look at what is happening around us today and what has happened just since you were born, you can’t help but feel that life is a terrible complexity of problems and illnesses of one sort or another.

But if you look back a few thousand years, you realize that we have advanced fantastically from the day when the first amoeba crawled out of the slime and made its adventure on land.

If you take a long view, how can you be PESSIMISTIC about your future or the world itself?

So, there are two options:

1. A short View – think that everything is a mess, that life is a cheat and a deceit and feel miserable.

Advantages: It is an easy process

Risks: feel rotten about everything in life, no joy for life.

2. A long view – harder and which requires a lot of creativity.

Advantages: It is amazing what complexities of comedy, irony and ambiguity appear on it.

Risks: Takes a long time and requires a lot of effort.

The long view, offers lots of rewards but also is an energy consuming. Is not easy to be OPTIMISTIC  in a pessimistic world, when we are surrounded by negativism, cold and narrowed thinking people.

Spread your wings and offer yourself the best life!

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