Make it a “NO-EXCUSES” November

Yes, is already November..The time passed quickly , don’t you think? The December is now very close, the month of gifts, holidays, parties, friends and families, all gathered together to celebrate their long fulfilling passing year 2013. As your mind wanders about the Christmas already, somehow you remind yourself about all the promises you’ve made at the beginning of the journey. And  the final countdown starts, the blame on yourself about all the things you said that you’ll finish by the end of the year and you didn’t, flows as well.

And you sadly look at your “New Years Resolutions list” feeling powerless, with a new pressure on your shoulders. “Why do I do this again”? “When am I going to learn something”?As you continue to blame yourself, to criticize and bit yourself up, suddenly a new thought arises: “HEY, I STILL HAVE TIME TO TRANSFORM MY LIFE!!!”And YES, the feeling of HOPE makes me feel good!

And another one: “Yeah, my EXCUSES are no longer serving me, they hold be back from what I want!”
If I’ll put off till December, I’ll not make a change, it will be even worse. With all the feasting and festivities that go along with the upcoming holidays, it will be easy to throw up your hands and put off again, any healthy habits until the new year hits — and the blame will be higher, the motivation to start new things will be smaller and eventually the self-respect will be affected.

But why put off the positive changes that you could be making now?

Don’t use the cool weather, the parties, and the holiday buffets as an excuse to ignore your general well-being.

Instead, end the year on a positive note to give yourself a sense of achievement and a boost of energy for a new beginning, a new YOU.

5 TIPS to prepare yourself for the New Year:

1. Do a “reality check-up” to see where you are now and where you’d like to be in the future.

2. See which small activities that you’ve put off this year, that you still can achieve in November. This accomplishment will give you a boost of motivation and will fuel your self-respect and confidence. 

3. Before starting a new “New Year’s Resolutions list” celebrate what you’ve done so far. Talk about it with your friends, colleagues that will appreciate your success.

4. Seek support to build your best “Goals setting strategy”. Our motivation lays in the efficacy of our strategy to create our own goals. Contact Laura for a coaching session in December and you’ll be already one step ahead!

5. Celebrate Christmas and holidays “guilt FREE” Take yourself easy, you worked hard this year and you deserve a great time with your dear ones.:)

And it will be a NEW, brand NEW start, a NEW YOU with new strategies for success, all prepared for the new JOURNEY!

For more details join our future workshop about goals setting:
Eventbrite - MY PERSONAL BEST - New Year's Resolutions Makeover

I wish you Good Luck and Focus on the positives!

Laura Mocanu
Professional Coach

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