Thinking clouds that distract us from CLARITY

Thinking clouds that distract us from CLEAR thinking
Many times we find ourselves very driven in establishing goals, making plans and objectives to follow for the next year, months or even days. Sometimes, with our daily routines, we surprise ourselves losing focus, distracted from the main directions.
These distractions, I called them: “Thinking Clouds”, make us deviate from our purpose, our clarity. The “thinking clouds” are grouped in three categories:
1. Wrong friends include:
a) Wrong authority
b) Wrong dilemma
c) Wrong motivation
2. Self Attacks include:
a) Stereotyping
b) Fears
c) You’re wrong, I’m right
3. Tired Thinking include:
a) Jargon
b) False Comparisons
c) Repetition
The antidotes to the clouded thinking will help us to focus, will help us to climb on our staircase to peak performance and to achieve clarity of the mind.
These antidotes are materialized in four skills that we need to have:
a) Independence of Mind
b) Courage
c) Personal Power
d) Big Picture Thinking
The antidotes are also rewards for overcoming each of the main weapons against clear thinking.
By overcoming Wrong Friends, we achieve Independence of Mind
By overcoming Self Attacks, we achieve Courage
By dealing with Tired Thinking, we gain Big Picture Thinking.
This week, we will focus only on the first cloud: Dealing with Wrong Friends
1) Wrong authority – Antidote: Independence of Mind
The wrong authority can come in the shape of:
a) Tradition
b) The Heard (The power of the group)
It is true, we learn and develop a lot  through the power of tradition and the energy of the group of people we spend most of our time with. But also, the weight of tradition and the group can direct us on the same paths, with the same thinking clouds, without allowing ourselves to explore, to be curious and open to gain clarity.
How to deal with conservative thinking or traditions? Let’s think for example in an office environment. You’d like to change a way of doing things, by implementing a new operating system. Your colleagues are using the tool for years and they transmitted from generation to generation.
What do you do?
1. Admit what they are doing as RIGHT. It is a very important tool to recognize their achievement. This fact will allow you to be at ease, to see the benefits of the system but also the add-ons of your proposal.
2. See the whole situation as a difference of opinions and not facts. This will give you again an openness to change and a clarity of the mind to see the right strategies of implementing.
3. Label everything in your mind as a process, not an ending point. This will give you flexibility and and also determination in following through your ideas. 
4. Check again your main values (the most important things for you in life, that give meaning to you) and see if they are aligned with this project. If it is an ego situation, than you will experience loads of internal conflicts.
Thinking TIPS:
Understand and empathise with opinions, but always make your judgements based on facts
Stay tuned next week for the next steps of overcoming the clouds of negative thinking!
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Have an amazing week!
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