Thinking Clouds that distract us from CLARITY

Thinking clouds that distract us from CLARITY – Wrong Dilemma

I shared with you last week how can our thinking create clouds of distraction to focus and clarity.

Do you remember the main ones?

a) Wrong authority
b) Wrong dilemma
c) Wrong motivation

Today we will focus first on how a wrong dilemma can create confusion of the mind.
Did you ever make an irrational decision just because you were under pressure? The pressure can take different forms:
– peer pressure
– time pressure
– environment pressure
In either way, in those contexts we sometimes focus on the wrong situations, or worse, we think that there are only two ways out when there is a realm of options out there. The last one, hurts the most.

TIP: Be aware of the packaging of the choice and always demand to be told or to seek for more options.
QUESTION to expand your thinking: “What else?”

Either the source of manipulative thinking, (someone else or yourself, in case you already made a choice) ask yourself if you are really aware of the options available for you.

Thinking tips: a choice means choosing amongst many options – don’t cheat yourself by creating limitations

The Wrong Cause is also a cloud that distracts us from clarity of the mind.
We can become a victim to this type of false thinking when we feel vulnerable or lacking confidence.  When we are in such a state we can easily assume that we are not in control of our thinking and so believe that we are the cause of everything going wrong. This thinking cloud is very powerful especially in bad times when everyone is searching for someone or something to blame for the lack of success. The best example is one in the workplace, when sometimes feel guilty about things that we never did.
This form of manipulation destroys the ability to achieve CLARITY to solve the real causes of the problems and to find sustainable solutions to move on. The fundamental flaw of the Wrong Cause is to believe that just because one event precedes another it means that the first action causes the second.
To overcome this error of manipulation is important to realize and remember that 2 actions can also come together in a simple sequence of events in time, without the first one causing the the second, as in night following day for example.
Response: answer with confidence by remembering your intention
To fix this type of cloud and to refocus your thoughts on what is really happening in a given situation is very simple.
TIP: Ask the question “Where is the causal connection between this problem we are now facing and my preceding action or decision?”
Remember, you can see the sequence of events – one action precedes another. The essential point, is to verify if one action caused the other.

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Stay tuned till next week, for the next letter about “personal attacks”:)

Have a  great week!


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