Being present, how is that benefiting me?

Being in the present moment, how does it really help me?

When we were kids, nothing else really mattered, only the present moments. I remember that my only concern as a child was to prolong my playing time, to enjoy the game was very precious to me. Didn’t really count what type of game I was playing: tennis, football, hide and seek, volleyball, badminton. Playing, laughing, dancing, eating donuts, all were very important but in the moment. I don’t really remember myself being worried about my future, about what other people think about me, about what I want to become when I will be older (adult). The only thing really important was: My likes, my present joys. Everything else in life, my biggest choices were based on my likes. To be honest, not a long time spent in decision making, my life choices were mostly based on impulses.
When we were kids, biological urges dominate our lives.
All that exists is the here and now. Our brains have not yet developed their capacity for storing and recalling memories, so we have little sense of past.
Our lives, start with a natural focus on the present, but some people continue to focus on present biological simulation into adulthood, responding only to events happening in their immediate physical and social environment. Others, base their decisions and actions on memories rather than on current experience. There is another category of people that base their decisions on their expectations of future scenarios, suppressing reality in favor of anticipated contingencies. For them, two birds in the bush are worth one in hand. 

So, what is the benefit of being in the PRESENT moment?

Go for the flow

A present orientation can help you become fully immersed in inner and outer experiences as you work or perform activities, but it is not essential. It is called, FLOW.
The main characteristics of flow are:
a) CLEAR GOALS – the goals are achievable, they align with person’s skills and abilities
b) Concentrating and focusing – a focused person applies only 20% effort for 80% effective results.
c) Distorted sense of time – the direct and immediate feedback creates a behaviour that can be adjusted immediately
d) The present moments creates a great balance between ability and challenge. The activity is neither too easy or too difficult.
e) There is a sense of personal control over the activity or situation
f) There is a big intrinsic motivation that rewards the person, without waiting for something/someone else to offer satisfaction or reward. 

The FLOW is involvement in the process of whatever you are doing, It helps you to gain perspective and to become more aware of your skills and the process of learning and behaviour.
Our ego is put on the line, the worries are neutralized. They usually distort the process of creating new ideas, new visions and new products.

Tuning in to the PRESENT

Here is a short exercise that I would like to invite you to use if you’d like to gain more presence and awareness in your life.

Please answer each of the following questions. Be sure to give a new answer to each question:
1. I am________________
 I am________________
3.  I am________________
4.  I am________________
5.  I am________________
6. When am I___________
7. When am I___________
8. When am I___________
9. When am I___________
10.When am I___________
11. Where am I__________
12. Where am I__________
13. Where am I__________
14. Where am I__________
15. Where am I__________
16. How do I feel_________
17. How do I feel_________
18. How do I feel_________
19. How do I feel_________
20. How do I feel_________

There are countless techniques for promoting present orientation. Some of them, such as meditation, yoga and self-hypnosis, have been used for hundreds of years.

I invite you to try this short exercise this week and see how does it work for you. Maybe, you never know, can help you to be more creative?

“I never think about the future. It comes soon enough”. Albert Einstein

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