Life as a circle from childhood to childhood and Merry Christmas

 Seven Wishes for Christmas and Super Powers

 “I am in a rush to get things done.

 All I do is rush and run. 

I run and rush till life’s no fun.

                                And oh, all I do is rush and run.” —- 

 Does it look familiar to you? How many of us are looking for gifts this week for the dear ones, getting annoyed about the crowd from the shops, getting angry because of the lack of manners of some people trying to just get things done….trying to tick the boxes of a list, to do the “right thing”…Right now, the time seems to rush in, to go faster and faster, it seems to lose track of the pleasant moments and to make count only those moments when we are in the queue, waiting to cross another thing from our amazing list for Christmas.
And yet, this is what Christmas is about? Is about a list of what we ‘should’ do or about ‘what is right’ to be doing?
Getting older, or let’s say, more mature (I hope is wiser too:) I realized that I lost a bit the Spirit of Christmas. I kept asking myself lately, what made me lose the joy of Christmas. To be honest, in looking for an answer for this question, I realized that I keep on blaming other factors for my own lose of Joy for Christmas: exams over exams, changing the job, getting new projects, deadlines and deadlines, illness of relatives, worries about jobs and the economic status, moving house, moving country, etc.
I realized that there is always a blame to put on somebody else’s shoulders when the only one responsible to bring back the Joy for Christmas, my Joy for Christmas is only ME.
So here am I now, asking myself a totally different question: ‘How can I bring back to myself the Spirit for Christmas”?
To be honest, I didn’t find the total truth yet, but I like exploring this new World of Finding Christmas and this Journey brought to me great memories, special moments of pure happiness and great Joy.
So far, I realized that I love very much sharing, therefore I love telling you what secrets I revealed to myself so far and how do I plan make the new Spirit of Christmas last over the years.
The very first thing that I gave up doing it the last years, was to send wishes in the sky. I love making new wishes, it makes me dream and more important, brings back hope and positive outlooks about the future.
This Christmas I’d like to celebrate with you the joy of wishes, the joy of making new wishes for the future.
I have so far, seven big wishes that I’d like to share with you.
Wish one
LET GO OF TIME – Are you directing your time or your life is directed by time? How much do you need to do today? This question is just a proof of the time slavery. Is not about the things we done everyday, at the end of the day is only about what fills every moment we spend from our lives. What we do makes us feel alive? My new aim is to live my life alive, enjoying every moment, less concerned about results and more focused on the space between moments, on the silence between thoughts, when actually life happens. This Christmas, I’d like to be light, to let go time and to enjoy moments instead of seconds.
Wish two
WANDER where there is no path There is no time like the present to “get lost”. This attitude is one of the best to bring back the Spirit of Christmas. It involves a lot of expressions: creativity, indulging intuition, pursuing a great relationships with yourself. I’d like to take this path, is now sure that will get me closer to the Real Christmas.
In a place of wander, is no blame, is now concern, is just curiosity, just joy in the process of discovery.
Wish three
Ask yourself what THIS MOMENT MEANSEven though we are creatures of reason and is a great idea to ask ourselves which are the secrets of the universe, this concern can become a burden and can stay in our way in finding meaning in the very present moment. To find the secrets of the universe, is an endless speculation, so my new wish is to find new ways to recognize what am I meant to learn in every second.
Wish four
Friendliness, compassion and delight to cultivate a calm mindthis new wish will help me to cultivate a more open heart, without judgement, to radiate the message of delight of having them in my life.
Wish five
Breath in the NOW
– this new wish is about spending more time in joy, in admiration and meditation. This wish is about letting go the concerns about things, about past or about future.
Wish six
– this is a very special wish for me. Is about the wander of life, is about music and joy for being alive. This wish is about celebration of all that is good about my life, is about appreciating my blessings.
Wish seven
Perform every act as if it were your lastThis wish is about giving my BEST in everything I do. Is about about taking responsibility about every action we make, to perform it as if the whole life would be changed because of it. Be mindful of who you are in every action you take.

I know that you will have a different journey than me, in finding or maybe, who knows, you already have the Spirit of Christmas within yourself, but i just wanted to share with you my Christmas wishes, that will become my new inner mentors for the future.
I have to make another confession to you: I still look for the Christmas and I know is somewhere out there.
This journey of looking up for the Spirit of Christmas, reminded me a lot of my childhood and somehow, transported me again in my grandmother’s house, with a lot of lights, with a Giant Christmas Tree, with many gifts, with a smell of Cinnamon, oranges, fresh Christmas cakes ( “cozonac” called – with roasted walnuts, cocoa, oranges, he he the recipe some other time)
Merry Christmas 
Christmas has now a new meaning for me: is a spiral of new beginnings, is a circle from childhood to childhood, is a new realm of possibilities, of dreams that can come true.
If you’d like too, to enjoy with me the Spirit of Christmas, I’d like to invite you to step into this new circle of childhood and allow yourself to breath in the new moments of happiness and joy. Is just a matter of wander and curiosity:)

I wish you a GREAT CHRISTMAS, spent with an open heart, joy, wander and amazing tasty cakes and gifts:)
With love,

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