Why is FANTASY important in entrepreneurship

Why is FANTASY important in entrepreneurship?

What if we live in a world where everybody can sprinkle magic liquids on the ground, where the start-ups can bear success whenever we want, where all types of instruments against the pain of failure would be sold at a bargain price?

What if we all live in a fantasy world where music can sow a panic of uproarious motivation through the streets, where parrots off all colors recite successful business recipes, or hens’re laying hundreds of golden investments to the sound of a tambourine?

What if trained monkeys can read the minds of the world’s biggest investors, or multiple use machines that can sew on inspired ideas and reduce start-ups anxiety in the same time?

What if we all live in a world where we all would have access to special tools to help other entrepreneurs to forget their past failures, in a world where we would have a poultice to lose time and gain focus?

What if the object of recreation in our fantasy world is NOT the Iphone but the flying carpets?

What if all these mentioned above would be possible? How would you, yes YOU, dear Entrepreneur, would you approach your business?

As entrepreneurs, or even as grownups, we lose a bit the sense of wonder that we had as children.

Even though that a person who wonders is bound to become a poet, philosopher or a monk, and all these three types of people are useless to the society, we can still add wonder and fantasy to our business.

As entrepreneurs, we are trained as machines, skillful machines, robots. Yes, we train ourselves to be useful to the society. The society needs knowledgeable people, that know and use numbers and figures, effectively. The truth is that, as knowledgeable entrepreneurs, we wonder less and less. Because, when we know, how can we wonder?

!Invitation: Set aside space in your mind for wonder

As entrepreneurs, people of numbers, we trained our minds for question marks. When we add wonder, in our approach, we start living with exclamation points.

What does it mean to be living with exclamation points? What does it mean to have fantasy in our business approach?

* when we meet other entrepreneurs, we really CONNECT with them. The connection will not be focused on numbers or figures, it will be focused on their passions, on their ‘human’ side instead. By ‘knowing’ how does their voice sound like, or if they collect butterflies and drawings, we emotionally connect and this will be the fuel for along lasting partnerships.

* The sense of wonder will make us wiser. When you wonder, you step into the world of beauty. That will affect your focus as a startup. As entrepreneurs, our mindsets are permanently challenged by negative factors. Is hard sometimes, to keep our focus up and motivation high. When we wonder, we imagine the best option and that is keeping us ‘alive’ when working, it gives us direction for our business.

* The wonder will bring us to the source of search, the real search. When we wonder, we connect with ourselves. Self-discovery will keep us focused on what is truly important to us,aligned with our core values, that create a fulfilled life not just one of achievements and punctual results.

* It is exciting to step into the adventure of entrepreneurship. When we see entrepreneurship as a process, we strengthen our resilience. We all know that entrepreneurship has ups and downs, having your own business is a ‘real’ roller coaster. It doesn’t have a beginning or and end point, it is a process that requires curiosity, excitement and focus.

* In a fantasy world, there is no past or future. When we live in the moment, as entrepreneurs, the whole world stops, the time stops. That will allow us space to BE, to be inspired, to follow intuition and be inspired.

* By choosing fantasy, we enable the existence of choice in our business. With the power of choice, we can choose the best stories to lift up our moods, to maintain our focus, keep us motivated, or relaxed in an energized day.

* Fantasy gives flexibility in business approach. Probably you learned like me that in entrepreneurship is vital to explore options and to keep on going in different ways until you reach your destination. With flexibility, everything stops being just ‘yes’ or ‘no’, it starts being ‘MAYBE’. Who knows? Maybe success is not as far as you thought before.

* With wonder, we step into a safe world. Safety in the business world is represented by certainty. What if we would know that everything will be alright? ‘Fantasy’ comes from ancient Greek which means ‘to make visible’. With fantasy, everything becomes certain, visible, beyond the dragons of investments or the wizards of private loans. When we think about a startup, we immediately think about the risks of investments, the challenges that can arise on the way. We trained our minds to count the barriers. When we wonder, we keep our hope high, our maintain up our motivation and energy. Wonder doesn’t mean no action, it means loads of action with curiosity and passion. 

Well, my dears readers, fantasy is a mandatory ingredient  in entrepreneurship. Fantasy is not a way of escaping the challenging reality of business plans and action strategies, FANTASY IS JUST A WAY OF UNDERSTANDING THE WORLD OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP. 

Dear reader, as entrepreneur, I invite you today to do something different than last week in work, I invite you to be brave, to be an aspiring artist every time you go for funding or sell your magic products or services. Trust your talent and be curious about the journey!

Have an amazing week!


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