Silence and innovation

How do we use silence?

The summer already started, what a joy! Is time for admiration and awe in front of sunset, in front of the clear sky, in front of nature.
Lately I found myself many times dwelling on the idea of silence, the use of silence. How do I experience silence, how do I get comfortable with it? What would be the purpose of it?
Everything started some time ago when I became more aware about my journey in the company of silence, how do I welcome silence in my life, and which path would be the best one to build up the best relationship with silence and myself? And I’ve been busy in my mind for a little while. I’ve been busy with planning, nagging my own past behaviour, again planning my future self in front of such an impressive enemy like SILENCE.

As I said earlier, everything started a while ago, in a summer afternoon in Bucharest. I had a walk through the City, heading to the heart of Bucharest, where I was supposed to meet a possible business partner. Nothing weird so far. I knew exactly where is the location and the people I was supposed to meet. The only strange thing was that my phone battery died, my Ipod as well and above all, I didn’t have a book with me to read. Oh, and yes, I had to wait in a empty room for about 20 minutes. The first seconds spent in silence passed ok, I spent the seconds planning my meeting, looking for my keys, for my phone, trying to draw, ruminating about the future….a busy mind, what can I say. After this panic, I realized that I am supposed to feel rather free without these tech addictions.

Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling free at all. It was more about feeling awkward than independent.

Did you ever experience this type of ‘independence’? Or is maybe better to say, awkwardness? We all sit quietly from time to time, isn’t it? It shouldn’t feel awkward at all. We are supposed to be our own great company, to create great inner conversations, to generate great insights, basically to be the best friends to ourselves. But back then it felt weird and I found difficult to adapt to the silence.
That was my ‘AHA’ moment! The moment when I realized that yes, I am committed to develop a good relationship with myself, I am gonna take care of myself, I’m gonna nurture myself. What a special moment for me!

Silence is such a precious thing for ourselves!

Blaise Pascal when pondering on silence, very long time ago, said: “All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.”  That is so true!

I was reading the other day, the book of Paul Goodman about silence.  He wrote very nicely about silence, describing 9 types of silence in the world:

“Not speaking and speaking are both human ways of being in the world, and there are kinds and grades of each.
1. There is the dumb silence of slumber or apathy;
2. The sober silence that goes with a solemn animal face;
3. The fertile silence of awareness, pasturing the soul, whence emerge new thoughts;
4. The alive silence of alert perception, ready to say, “This… this…”;
5. The musical silence that accompanies absorbed activity;
6. The silence of listening to another speak, catching the drift and helping him be clear;
7. The noisy silence of resentment and self-recrimination, loud and subvocal speech but sullen to say it;
8. Baffled silence;
9. The silence of peaceful accord with other persons or communion with the cosmos.”

So beautiful said!

How many types of silence do you know? How many types of silence did you discover so far?

Silence and work

The study of silence has long interested me. I think that the matrix of someone’s work consists not only of what is there to be absorbed and worked on, but also of what is missing, disappeared, unspeakable, thus unthinkable.

Silence and Innovation

It is through these invisible holes, silent doors, in reality, that creativity, innovation, makes its way.
Even the impulse to create begins — often terribly and fearfully — in a tunnel of silence. Every real writing, the real creation, is the breaking of an existing silence, and the first question we might ask any new project, piece of art, is, “What kind of voice is breaking silence, and what kind of silence is being broken?”

Silence can also be a tool of oppression and censorship, every time when we find ourselves shocked in front of other people’s atrocities, or in front of too much, too careless, to exagerated demands of our managers.
Also silence, willfully elected, can be a force of growth and innovation.

Silence can be fertilizing, it can bathe the imagination, it can, as in great open spaces, be the nimbus of a way of life, a condition of vision.

I would add also that silence is a tool to tap in our intuition, our true compass that guides our everyday actions.

~ Experiment of the week ~

Before planning your week, I invite you to take a moment for yourself and stay in silence.

I invite you, to find this week’s muse through silence. Find a nice place to sit quietly and stay in silence, focus on the “mechanism of silence” and technology of thought instead of the noisy, too dangerous, too distracted world that we live in.

Scary? try it again, there is another discover there…

Have a great week insightful week!

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