BizcampNI – from solopreneurship to entrepreneurship

BizCampNI – a great event for local startups

bizcampBizCamp is a casual unconference designed to help entrepreneurs share tips for success. Rather than featuring professional conference speakers, sessions are led by other entrepreneurs like you to give you the best down-to-earth, practical advice from people who’ve been through the same struggles you’re facing. And you get the chance to pass on the best information you’ve learned to help those coming up behind you.

It’s an informal and fun way to connect with successful local entrepreneurs, possible business partners, or that accountant/graphic designer/printer/cleaning service/sales person/investor/lawyer you’ve been looking for! All in one

And, oh yeah, BizCamp is completely free!

Curious about what topics Bizcamp might cover?

Here are some examples:

  • Basics of Business Plans
  • Raising money for your ideas
  • Web tools & iPhone apps to help you take control of your personal finances
  • Time management for entrepreneurs
  • How to build your niche doing what you love
  • Basics of Marketing on the Web
  • Monetizing Content on the Web
  • Basics in completing tax return
  • Mentoring and business support (resources and useful links to the local community)

What can I expect to get from participating in BizCamp?

A day of connecting and learning from successful entrepreneurs, being better equipped to run your own business, a better understanding of the tools that small businesses use, and knowledge of resources available to entrepreneurs. 

I want to come. What should I do?

Eager to participate and share your best practice with other entrepreneurs? Sign up here: TicketsBizcampAND 2015

Why should you come?

  • Surround yourself with like-minded people
  • Share your experiences and learn from mistakes others have made
  • Inspire other entrepreneurs with your success stories and passion for your business
  • Look for inspiration and guidance from your peers
  • Networking
  • Improving your business practices
  • Learn from the experts
  • Have a good time

Looking forward to seeing you there: 11th of September 2015


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