On learning Dutch, after 2 years of living in The Netherlands

Still enthusiasm and challenge, even after so much time spent on studying. But it is a good thing, because it motivates me to keep on learning. Until now I went to summer school, went to college, read books in Dutch, spoke Dutch at home, with friends, gave a short presentation, listened to podcasts and Ted Talks…and so many other. But even though I invested this energy I still don’t feel confident in reading all the books I want and speek using the sofisticated vocabulary I would like to use.

The BIG lesson I’ve learned is having patience. Learning a new language requires time.

It took me a while to accept that I will not be able to know all the words at once. I still strugle with this acceptance from time to time, when I get angry and want to articulate my thoughts or express my emotions in the best way possible.

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