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Dear readers, we hope you’re well.
As you may know, we love INNOVATION and creativity which is why, when we notice a great project to support or spread the BIG ideas to others, we don’t hesitate at all.
Well, the BATTERY EATER is a project of a new friend of us, from Zambia, very talented, who graduated from the Design Academy (Eindhoven).
Eibert, as an independent artist and designer, he often creates his own projects and inventions, he has a rich imagination and he is a hands magician.
A little bit from Eibert’s own story:
“Are you aware that any ‘empty’ battery you hand in for recycling is not empty at all?
That it still contains power that can be put to work? Why don’t we utilize that energy for our own benefit and enjoyment? So, affix an ‘empty’ battery (type AA) to the back of a Battery Eater and watch him cheerfully blink with his eyes for months, or even years, until such time the battery is really empty.”
“In 1986 I designed and constructed my first Battery Eater, as a present for my grandpa Eibert Draisma at Pijnacker, near Delft . From that time many relatives and friends have implored me to make a Battery Eater for them too. I simply could not satisfy the demand, and yet, from that time onwards I regularly made some, even this year, thirty years after the prototype.
Some have kept on blinking for years, day and night, working inexhaustibly to really empty this one battery.”
We believe in it , read more about it here:
How can you support this campaign?
1. You can order your own (set of) Battery Eater(s). This would mean a welcome addition to his modest and fluctuating income. ‘Buying’ here means to pledge an amount, and choose a ‘reward’ in the form of one or more Battery Eaters.
2. Donate: if you like the project, it is possible to support it without choosing a reward.

The price of one is €15,00. For €125, you may choose a reward of 10 Battery Eaters, bringing the price down to €12,50. Visit the website of Kickstarter, and make your own out of many choices.
TWO WEEKS left to pledge the “Battery Eater” project.
Here’s the URL: 
We hope you will participate and have fun with this project!Darling ON


Tim Brown – about design thinking

“In the past, design has most often occurred fairly far downstream in the development process and has focused on making new products aesthetically attractive or enhancing brand perception through smart, evocative advertising. Today, as innovation’s terrain expands to encompass human-centered processes and services as well as products, companies are asking designers to create ideas rather than to simply dress them up.” Tim Brown – CEO – IDEO.

Brown, the CEO and president of the innovation and design firm IDEO, is a leading proponent of design thinking—a method of meeting people’s needs and desires in a technologically feasible and strategically viable way. In this article he offers several intriguing examples of the discipline at work. One involves a collaboration between frontline employees from health care provider Kaiser Permanente and Brown’s firm to reengineer nursing-staff shift changes at four Kaiser hospitals. Close observation of actual shift changes, combined with brainstorming and rapid prototyping, produced new procedures and software that radically streamlined information exchange between shifts. The result was more time for nursing, better-informed patient care, and a happier nursing staff.

Another involves the Japanese bicycle components manufacturer Shimano, which worked with IDEO to learn why 90% of American adults don’t ride bikes. The interdisciplinary project team discovered that intimidating retail experiences, the complexity and cost of sophisticated bikes, and the danger of cycling on heavily trafficked roads had overshadowed people’s happy memories of childhood biking. So the team created a brand concept—“Coasting”—to describe a whole new category of biking and developed new in-store retailing strategies, a public relations campaign to identify safe places to cycle, and a reference design to inspire designers at the companies that went on to manufacture Coasting bikes.


What is Success for YOU?

In accordance to Oxford dictionary success is:

-the accomplishement of an aim or purpose , the attainment of fame, wealth or social status

But for each one of us success represents something else.

For me is to live in accordance with my values, to have a prosperous life, to do what I love, to discover everyday that my life is abundant in joy, happiness and love that I share it everyday with everybody.

But success is not a target, is a state of mind, is well being. Success means happiness.

What can we do then to become successful? A new big job, a big house or car, a personal island? The first step in achieving personal success is to discover what WE want in life, to follow our paths and have the courage to accomplish our goals.

The mind, the attitude behind all these achievements is very important. I have to say that not all my life I considered myself a successful person. The shift happened few years ago when  I discovered my life’s purpose and I started to make a change step by step in every aspect: I followed my dream in coaching,  I had the courage to take risks and start a new life in a new country, I stopped doing things which I hated, I quit my last job, I started to change all my behavior regarding health…..a lot  of things I changed. Before then, I didn’t know that I have such a potential to make my life better. I was the result of circumstances instead of being their creator. I used to take life as “it is” instead of making it.

Who is Laura Mocanu then?

Profile picture

 An enthusiast Coach, International Speaker and Trainer

Laura, coming from a busy and demanding marketing environment, made a shift in her career 5 years ago and she started to be a coach and strong activist in Romania and Northern Ireland. As the time passed by, Laura noticed the difference of living her dreams instead of putting them off.

She started the “Procrastination movement” a couple of years ago when she first delivered an workshop with this topic. Since then, Laura worked with different individuals and business in finding the motivation to achieve their goals, to reach targets and develop a growth mindset that will enable future soaring success.

Interested in discovering your own motivation and willing to make changes?

Then, contact me:


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